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The MuzArt World Foundation: We Are Hope

The MuzArt World Foundation will present an inspirational concert event to launch its global initiative to reinvest music and arts education into the public school systems at the LDS Conference Center on November 9, 2013. Highlighting the event will be multi-platinum child prodigy Jackie Evancho and a global Virtual String Orchestra conducted by, and starring Mark Wood, founder of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

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For the beginning woodwind player: Vandoren introduces Juno reeds!

Our partner Vandoren is world-renown for their exceptionally high-quality reeds imported from France. Now, thanks to advances in technology, they are able to bring the same high quality reeds to everyone, including the beginning woodwind player, at a truly affordable cost. Introducing Juno reeds!

And now you can try one out FREE by simply Liking Juno on Facebook!

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Make the Most of Music Lessons: Find Your Child’s Perfect Teacher Online

Today’s blog post comes from Phil Amalong of The Zoen.

As a professional performer and music educator, I’ve heard endless variations on the above statements. I’m somehow seen as the proper confessor for these personal divulgences—after performances, at events and gatherings, in everyday interactions with people. Many “I only wish…” stories and sadly, much regret. I find myself offering encouragement: “It’s never too late…” and “You’re here at this concert—thank you, we need great audiences,” both sentiments I strongly believe are true.

In hearing these “I wish” stories, I’m reminded of and grateful for the wonderful music teachers I was fortunate to have. I can see how they shaped my future in profound ways, taught me to have discipline in learning to play and love music and opened many possibilities in my life.

What should we do when we want to provide our children with the benefits and lifelong joys that private music lessons offer? After all, we’re really busy. It’s yet another activity and expense to fit into our shrinking week and budget. We wonder if our children will appreciate the lessons. We wonder: how can we find the teacher who’s going to be the perfect fit and will really help our kids “get it?”

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