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Braces: What Every Band Parent Should Know

Today’s guest post is by Donna Schwartz, a veteran music educator. Today she answers a common question: “My Child Has (or is getting) Braces; Can She Still Play Her Band Instrument?”

So, is it hopeless if your child is getting braces? Absolutely not! Braces today are SOOOOO much different than 10, 15 even 20 years ago. Find out what’s changed and what it means for your child.

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Here Comes the Sun!

Last month, we were privileged to have optometrist Dr. Tammy Wittmann join us for a webinar about protecting our kids’ eyes. If you missed it, check out this article by Dr. Wittmann, or AMP members can watch the recorded webinar today! You’ll learn what UV exposure is, how it causes damage in and around the eye, how it affects our students in marching band, what we can do about it, and how we can help make it “cool” for students to protect their eyes.

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