Category: Education Reform

Report — Arne Duncan, Secretary of Education, Letter to Schools and Community Leaders, 2009

Dear School and Education Community Leaders:

At this time when you are making critical and far-reaching budget and program decisions for the upcoming school year, I write to bring to your attention the importance of the arts as a core academic subject and part of a complete education for all students. The Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) defines the arts as a core subject, and the arts play a significant role in children’s development and learning process.

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Report — Ready to Innovate: Are Educators and Executives Aligned on the Creative Readiness of the U.S. Workforce

Americans for the Arts and the Conference Board, in partnership with the American Association of School Administrators, surveyed public school superintendents and American business executives to identify and compare their views on creativity and innovation. The results proved that creativity is increasingly important in the workplace yet there is a gap when looking at the needs and hiring practices of companies.

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