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6 Can’t-Miss TED Talks on Music Education + 1 Epic TED Talk on Creativity in Education

If you’re not yet familiar with TED talks, you should be. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. Through the last several years, TED and TEDx talks have been an amazing platform to bring great ideas from amazing people to the forefront of our collective consciousness, allowing a wider audience to consider them.

There are TED talks on thousands of subjects, but the ones closest to our hearts are the ones that cover music and arts education. I’ve pulled together six of them that I think every music student, parent, educator, administrator, and school board member should be familiar with. Together, they offer a portrait of how music helps to hold together the fabric of society.

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Why Is This Mom So Excited About AMP?

This guest post is written by Sue Reid, a Forest Park H.S. band parent. She writes:

“As the years pass and my children transition from elementary, to middle, to high school and now college, I have become more and more appreciative of the enormous contribution music has made to their growth. Our whole family has gained so much through our experiences with music in our schools, and I have been looking for some sort of group to join that would advocate for these music programs.… That is why I was so excited to find out about the National Association of Music Parents (AMP), and why I immediately joined.”

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A Students’ Guide to Music Education Advocacy

Today’s post is by sophomore Mackenzie Keith at Whitewater High School in Fayetteville, Georgia. Upon hearing about proposed fine arts budget cuts, she grabbed her smartphone and a few friends, and got right to work. To anyone who thinks that something similar is happening to your programs, speak up and speak out! There’s nothing more powerful than the students’ opinion.

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SET A GOAL: 8 Worthy Goals for Music Parents

January is a time for clean slates and fresh beginnings. Marching season is over, the holidays are past, and bowl games are behind us. This year, my first resolution is to get the Christmas tree put away before St. Patrick’s Day. (Actually not kidding. Sigh.) After that, though, what comes next?

“Resolution” is really just a fancy way of announcing that you’re planning to commit to an intention to better yourself or the world around you. In other words, to “set a goal.”

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What Everybody Ought to Know About Band

You don’t want to miss one of our most popular blog posts! Today’s guest post is by Mary Mackie.

Band isn’t something you roll out of bed and decide might be fun to do that day. It’s something that a young person commits to, on a daily basis, often giving up lots of other fun things they could be doing, because they are part of something bigger than themselves: they are part of the band.

People need to really know and understand about BAND.

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9 Ways Music Education Makes Better Students

Today’s guest post is by Suzy St. George at TakeLessons.

Studies have shown that music education provides a number of benefits, including socialization and cultural fluency. But on top of that, music education can actually help students with their academic performance.

Here are a few ways that music education fosters better students.

All around, music education improves the lives of students. Encourage your child to participate in music education, and she’ll learn valuable lessons and skills that can last a lifetime.

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