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Recently, a new campaign was launched by the National Association for Music Education called broader minded. The website offers a well-designed interface to help music education advocates like us make their cases to decision makers on every level. They acknowledge the positive effects that music education has on academics, but they also highlight the many intrinsic benefits of music education, including the study of music for its own sake and the deep foundation of character music education lays. Ultimately, it lays out the case for a student-centered rounded education. Chris Woodside, the Assistant Executive Director at Center for Advocacy & Public Affairs for NAfME explains:

β€œTo truly begin talking about music as core, what we require as a field is a more complete, properly prioritized argument for music education. An argument that, yes, encapsulates everything that we have always touted about the virtues of exposure to music, from academic achievement, to brain development, to gap filling prophecies, but which also goes beyond the bubbles of standardized testing and the Common Core, and prioritizes music for music’s sake β€” first and foremost. What we have long needed, is a Broader Minded argument for music education.”

When you get a moment, we encourage you to visit and make yourself familiar with the arguments and resources you’ll find there. Who knows? The music program you save may be your own.