order chaos

A continuation of the series Breaking the Bundle! A Guide to Organizing a Booster Organization.

Once there was a band director who had a respectable band, but he yearned to expand and enhance the band program. This prudent director realized that he needed the help of the parents to accomplish all that he had in mind for his group. He carefully selected two parents to lead the group.

The leaders began to find other parents to help and before long they had an assembly of volunteers with each going forth to do the work. Soon, however, the director was dismayed to see the bedlam flourishing within his group. He could be heard saying to the leaders of this muddled group, “Whoa, what has happened to my crew of helpers? Who is doing what? Where is the order? Who is in charge?”

No one wants to see chaos in their booster group among the board members, but regrettably this can and does transpire. Nothing is more detrimental to a program than having this crop up. It dampens the spirit of everyone involved: the board members, the volunteers, the directors, the students, and even the prospective volunteers who are observing from the sidelines. There is a way to avoid this challenge: MAKE EVERYONE AWARE OF THEIR RESPONSIBLITIES.

This is the secret of retaining order among the board members in a booster organization. One and all—everyone who is working as a board member in the booster group—must have an understanding of the tasks they are to perform. These tasks need to be written out, kept on file, given to the board member, and made available to the general membership.

No one likes chaos. Nothing but problems surface when there is chaos. To avoid bedlam in your booster organization:

1. Decide the tasks.

2. Assign them to various board members.

3. Make that board member accountable for those tasks.

The band booster duties will be carried out, and order will exist. For a detailed description of each role and responsibility of executive board members in a booster organization read the article Stick Two: Understanding Board Members’ Roles, found in the Organization section under the Resource tab.


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