In the early 90’s there was a movie produced called What About Bob? Bob had a lot of insecurities, severe ones; he had a very challenging time stepping out of his comfort zone. He enlisted the help of Dr. Marvin. Hoping to free himself from Bob’s abnormally frequent visits, Dr. Marvin introduced him to his new book and theory entitled Baby Steps. As explained by Dr. Marvin, “Baby Steps means setting small reasonable goals for yourself one day at a time.”

Bob willingly accepted the book and hesitantly began taking baby steps to accomplish things that were out of his comfort zone. As Bob began to invest time and effort into this theory, he began to accomplish things that he had never before been able to realize. His new line of thinking was now, “One tiny step at a time…baby steps…all I have to do …just take one little step at a time, and I can do anything.”

That became my philosophy. “One step at a time, and I can do anything.”

What did I do? I began to budge from my comfort zone one baby step at a time. I, not my husband but me…I started to pick the girls up from rehearsal by sitting in the car pool lane where everyone waited in anonymity. Taking another baby step a couple of weeks later, I braved moving into the parking lot where people would wave and sometimes even smile. One night, I actually turned a light on to read while I waited totally knowing that people could now recognize me. Baby steps, I know, but they were taking me from where I felt secure into a new comfort zone that was causing me to stretch.

The last of the baby steps came the night that I actually got out of the car and walked to the practice field. Other parents were there: parents just like me who were stepping from their comfort zones. They too wanted to understand what it was that engaged their children with such magnetism. I watched in silence for several nights. Just before the band was dismissed, I would make a hasty retreat to my van. I soon started going early to watch the rehearsals and listen to the instructors. Then came the giant step marking that fateful night.