Author: Scott McCormick

Parents are Key

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This past week my travels took me to the Atlanta area to meet with a group of booster presidents from a sizable school district and then to Rochester, New York for the NYSSMA Winter Convention. Listening to these parents speak and then to hear great presentations from Marcia Neel (president of Music Education Consultants), Laurie Lock (former director of programs at VH1-Save the Music Foundation), and Dr. Scott Shuler (president of NAfME—formerly MENC), the one thing that is enormously clear is that every one of these people pointed to the PARENT as the key to making certain music and the arts remain core to our students’ complete education. Parents hold all of the power! Now, more than ever, there is a need to mobilize a national movement of parents.

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Association of Music Parents Site Launches and it’s July 13

I don’t think that I have ever shared publically that my lucky/favorite number is 13. For those of you who have followed me on my blog at, today I officially move that blog over to our new organization. AMP – the National Association of Music Parents. As I alluded to in my last blog post (way too long ago unfortunately) we were deep into the building of a business plan and model for our next great adventure. Well on May 1st that adventure became an Indiana not-for-profit corporation named the National Association of Music Parents. While that is the official corporate name, it is our intent to fly under the banner of AMP. It is a great metaphor for what we believe to be why we exist. The dictionary defines it as a; 1. sound-increasing apparatus and 2. Signal enhancer.

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