In today’s economic times, it is vital for an organization to capitalize on their fundraising efforts.

AMP is pleased to welcome you to Retail Benefits… recurring, passive income! Unrivaled in its technology platform, with no start-up costs and minimal effort to implement, Retail Benefits enables your organization to offer to donors, parents, and school employees a new ancillary benefit and method of supporting your organization that’s highly appealing and easy to use.

A custom-branded ecommerce portal with thousands of leading online merchants like the Gap, Best Buy, Home Depot, Priceline, and thousands more generates a cash back pool of funds from employees and donors online shopping. That pool is shared between the shopper and your organization.

And if the shoppers are your families, you now have a fundraiser that supports your music program and has the other half of the cash back coming directly to them that could cover fees associated with participation in your groups.

This is passive fundraising at its best… your donors, volunteers, families and school employees simply shop online at the same stores they know, love, and trust, and raise funds for your worthy cause.

Watch this video to see how it works for your non-profit booster organization.


If you are interested in getting started, learn how easy it is by sending an email to: See how you can have your organizations branded website up and operating within 30 minutes! At NO cost to you!