“I am the proud parent of two band students, a member of Forest Park High School’s Bruin Band Booster Executive Committee, and an active volunteer with the music programs at my neighborhood schools in Prince William County, Virginia. As such, I am very familiar with the support our local music retailers have provided to our teachers and their programs here. Recently, in the ever-continuing struggle to find more fundraising opportunities, I visited the website of one of our biggest area music retailers and, to my delight, discovered their sponsorship of a music parent support group. And I had to share the news!

“As the years pass and my children transition from elementary, to middle, to high school and now college, I have become more and more appreciative of the enormous contribution music has made to their growth. Our whole family has gained so much through our experiences with music in our schools, and I have been looking for some sort of group to join that would advocate for these music programs. Our local high school booster organizations often operate independently and, at times, inefficiently. I know from experience that parents are often unaware of the challenges our music teachers face providing such a crucial educational component to our children’s lives, and may not even understand what benefits their child gains from participating in their music classes. Both locally and nationally, parents can wield enormous influence in determining what role music will play in educational policy, but they need to be educated themselves before they will be able to effectively wield this power. That is why I was so excited to find out about the National Association of Music Parents (AMP), and why I immediately joined.

“My youngest is graduating from high school this week and, as a “farewell” gift to my booster organization, my husband went ahead and also purchased their group membership in AMP.

“Now, I want do my best to broadcast this opportunity—not just to my own band booster board, but to all music booster groups in my county. I am so excited about AMP and its potential! I want to post on social media, local on-line and traditional print newspapers, as I have for other band opportunities in Prince William County. I think that AMP could provide the support that is most needed by music educators and the industry they feed; the professionals, the ensembles, the performers and their audiences, the composers, instrument artists and merchants, the museums, concert venues, and neighborhood bar. From elevators to opera halls, music is pervasive and a cornerstone of our culture and society.

“And it all starts with a music teacher in a classroom.

“And it all depends on the parents of a music student supporting the opportunities and providing money through taxes and fundraising to get that teacher into that classroom in front of their child.

“There is so much that can be done in support of music in our community, especially when we can mobilize the most awesome force on the planet: an engaged parent!I look forward to adding my voice to others as we ‘Turn Up the Volume’ with AMP!
Sue Reid
New Member Coordinator
FPHS Bruin Band Boosters

“Finally, there is a national forum dedicated exclusively to music parents and the vital role they play in the artistic lives of their sons and daughters. The National Association of Music Parents is destined to unify parents and provide valuable resources, benefits and services for the common good of music programs in schools across the nation. Founded by professionals who have devoted their lives to the belief that music is an essential component of education AMP is clearly a concept whose time has come.”
Richard Floyd
Texas State Director of Music
and Music Director, Austin Symphonic Band

“We have always known one of the most important components in our school music programs is the often taken-for-granted PARENT SUPPORT ORGANIZATION. This “silent majority” of caring-sharing people persistently and faithfully contribute their seemingly unlimited efforts-and-energies to guarantee a comprehensive curriculum embracing the arts. The National Association of Music Parents represents a long-overdue initiative that offers a forum-of-exchange gathering the collective energies of all those who are keenly aware of the immeasurable value of music learning and music making. To this end, let us pledge our support to this vitally important endeavor, by doing so we are insuring tomorrow’s future by stimulating the creative-expressive mind of our students of today.”
Tim Lautzenheiser
Vice President of Education
Conn-Selmer, Inc.

“There should be no doubt in any educator’s mind, that the most important voice in determining the future role of education in our society will be that of our students’ parents. The fact that AMP is working to bring together performing arts parents from all parts of our country should be an encouragement to all of us who teach music. I am so pleased to see this ground breaking group taking shape. Music education will be better off because of AMP!”
Richard Saucedo, Chairman,
William H. Duke Center for the Performing Arts at Carmel High School, IN(ret.);
Composer, Hal Leonard Corporation

“The philosophy behind the National Association for Music Parents is sound, and I am glad to see Scott McCormick embarking on yet another major enterprise that promises to make a significant contribution to music and music education. Through his visionary leadership, I am confident this new and vitally important initiative will prove to be a very successful one. AMP has my enthusiastic support!”
Mark Camphouse
Professor of Music – George Mason University

“It’s evident that parents are the linchpin to student success. It’s also evident that in the current environment where music and art programs are under such stress, parents are looking for help – both to increase student performance and to insure their students have a program in which to participate. AMP will be one of the solutions on which parents will rely for information and techniques to foster student improvement and find resources to hold schools accountable for the responsibility of teaching the whole child.”
Michael Skinner
President, Dansr Inc.

“Music has played such an important role in both my son’s education and in his identity. It saddened me to learn that many children will be denied the opportunity to explore the musical creative side of their world and of themselves. I’ve been moved to action in my own community, translating my experience as a music parent into a nonprofit to support young musicians and their parents. The National Association of Music Parents (AMP) is a guiding light for me and for all parents. It is a necessary loudspeaker for the issues affecting access to music education across this country. I’m honored to be working with Scott McCormick and his team to increase the impact of AMP. What pleases me the most is the organization’s efforts to include all music-making—both in school and out-of-school—as well as all genres within its reach. If you are a music parent, or a music lover, engage with AMP, engage with decision makers in your community, keep music education going.”
Laura Lamere
Founder, Pavoh.org

 “The Association of Music Parents is must have for—well, music parents! Especially those who are actively involved in their kids’ programs. As booster parents we often find that our knowledge of knowing what to do and how to help is dependent on the historical knowledge of those who came before us being passed down by word of mouth (or sometimes notes and meeting minutes!). This helps get the immediate job done, but how do we grow and improve our efforts?

“With AMP, we have the ability to learn not just from local parents but from thousands of others across the country who serve as a shared resource for all member parents. I’m grateful for the resources that AMP provides for parents, teachers and students alike!”
Rich Frazier
President, VisionConnect, LLC

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