Development of AMP, The National Association of Music Parents, Inc. began in late 2010, with due diligence occurring in January and February of 2011. Final Incorporation papers were filed with the State of Indiana, and on May 1, 2011 the new organization was launched. In July of 2012 the organization filed its form 1023 with the Internal Revenue Service for recognition as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt charitable organization. On June 18, 2013, AMP received its 501(c)(3) recognition dating back to the date of Incorporation in 2011.

Led by Scott McCormick, the former President and CEO of both Music for All and Bands of America, AMP was formed in response to the increasing need for a national parental voice in support of music and the arts as an integral discipline within the education system in America. In addition, AMP addresses the very real need to inform parents of the benefits that music participation has for their children.

“My wife and I are now parent’s of our own school aged music student. After 30 years of being on the other side of the equation, I now understand more fully, on a personal level, why we need to rally the troops and proactively speak with one voice. If we do not, the potential consequences of losing music and arts curriculum in our schools will be devastating!”

– L. Scott McCormick

Because of the rapidly changing landscape in education reform, the need for a parent music group has risen exponentially. Over time, there have been a number of organizations and groups who have unsuccessfully attempted to form national parent coalitions or groups. This could be because this challenge requires a comprehensive understanding of and familiarity with the many publics involved, coupled with a vision for the kind of network required to bring all of these diverse forces together for a common good.

AMP’s CEO has a 30+ year successful career track record and has the unique opportunity to immerse himself in the creation of a dynamic organization poised to address this compelling need. The abundant relationships he has built over three decades, his understanding of the breadth of the entire music industry and his close associations with all levels of music education uniquely qualify him to meet this challenge. His success will be fueled by his passion for youth and his deep personal believe that music should be an integral component of education for all students in our nation.


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