SC Richland 1 TeachersOver the course of the past two weeks I have had the privilege of expanding our offerings as I was invited to do five music teacher professional development sessions in South Carolina, Texas and Kentucky. In four of those I was able to combine my visit with parent and student presentations. I want to thank the performing arts/music supervisors, teachers and parents in each of those districts for your passion for the students we serve.

I was reminded in each and every presentation I made that the challenges and opportunities do not change based on where you live and that most everyone of the challenges can be solved through better communication, greater transparency and relationship building. Another observation I made is that those band, orchestra and choir programs that appear to be at the top of their game have figured out those attributes listed above are the difference makers.

These visits have reminded me why we created AMP just over three years ago: To provide the resources and build a community of parents as well as families, school districts and their music programs, arts advocates and music industry leaders who are ready and able to make a difference in your program. Isn’t the beginning of the school year the perfect time to engage your parent group? Remember, You are always there for them. We’re always here for You!


L. Scott McCormick
Proud Music Parent
AMP Founder and President