We invite you to enjoy this video from the Canadian Brass in support of the film project. It’s not too late to form a team and seek to Win the Canadian Brass or some of the other prizes valued at more than $50,000.


For Canadian Brass, music education has been a constant companion to our performing career. Many generations of school kids have grown up with our music and have been able to share in our successes. Not a concert goes by without people in our audience telling us how our ensemble was responsible for their life-long love of music and performance. “Canadian Brass affects eternity; no one can tell where its influence stops” (adapted from Henry Adams on teachers).
– Chuck Daellenbach

Music education has always been central to the vision of Canadian Brass. When we partner with various forces within the community to pursue the creative and artistic development of children, the impact is monumental.”
– Caleb Hudson

Often the most effective thing an artist can do for music and education is present classical music in such a way that even young kids really enjoy it. The best way Canadian Brass can continue to grow our positive influence on music education would be to simply get more kids to our shows.” —
– Chris Coletti

A primary mission of Canadian Brass is to entertain and educate people through our music. We believe that exposing people, particularly young people, can change their lives for the better as it has done for all of us. Exposure to music and music education is proven to make people smarter and more capable in nearly every field. We feel we are truly giving back to society by devoting ourselves to the mission of music educator and it is our honor to do so.
– Bernhard Scully