Lessons About Education From Dr. Tim LautzenheiserMost music educationalists will assertively echo this crucial mantra: music for the sake of music. It is deemed as the foundation theme that serves as the basis of music teaching, learning, and performance. According to Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser, there is no replacement or stand-in for music making, because it involves the positive development and growth of a person’s mind, body, and spirit. Participation in band allows musicians to partake in an endless expedition of creative expression linking to a language (in this case, music) that is communicated, appreciated, and understood by everyone around the world.

Children and Music Education

A majority of children enjoy being part of a band, but they as well as their parents need to know that being in a band entails more than merely buying a particular musical instrument, attending private music lessons, adding music classes to their school schedule, and rehearsing regularly for concerts. Being a pianist, drummer, or any type of musician maps a person’s mind for success in all aspects of his life. The learned proficiencies necessitated to do extremely well in music are often handy in other school subjects, such as science and mathematics.

5 Lessons about Education

Many people who are familiar with Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser will agree that they learned the following five lessons through his teachings:

  1. The understanding of quality and the rewards of quantity – when learning a new skill or note, it is important to acquire both quality and quantity. To ensure a better quality of learning, one must practice as often as possible.
  2. Behavior-based on ethics and the magnitude of obeying the rules – without having strong ethics, it is impossible to obey rules, particularly when it comes to learning a new music skill, such as piano.
  3. Respect for authority in place of fear of dominance – to obtain the best quality of education, students must have respect for authority, instead of feeling scared of the tutor or teacher. Of course, to get respect from students, the teachers must offer a non-threatening way of teaching his students.
  4. A working wisdom and strong transcript of accomplishment – Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser has taught many individuals that a working wisdom will allow them to accomplish all their dreams and goals.
  5. A continuing growth of inner peace and feasible plan for personal security – through his education, students have expanded their growth of inner peace and at the same time, been able to organize a workable plan to obtain a secure and stable life in their future.

As the learning system carries on to progress, people usually become very focused on the how, while at the same time losing sight of the why. It is time for parents to stand back and carefully look at the progress of the whole education system in order to gain a more apparent perspective of what and why educationalists are doing what they do.

If the purpose or objective is to make the most of learning, people have to be honest about the lasting values of learning and what “short-term” learning is. Whether it is academic or music lessons, there are more to them than simply test scores. When it comes to education, parents need to determine if they are more interested in generating above-average children or if they are satisfied with just-average children.