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I am a PArent

Life was busy enough. Now your child is enrolled in music, and the booster group needs your help. Don’t get overwhelmed!

I am an Educator

You went to school to become a music educator. Somehow, you’ve become CEO of your music program. You’re always being asked to do more with less, or even worse, less with less.

I am a Booster Officer

There’s nothing you wouldn’t do for your child. When your child’s music booster group needed help, you stepped up. Now you’re in a leadership position with plenty of responsibility.

Valuable Resources for your Group

Look here to find answers to your organizations challenges. Why reinvent the wheel? Check out what other programs are utilizing across the country. Adapt it to your specific needs. Cut your planning time in half!

Relevant Webinars and Events

Gain access to events that help you improve your music booster organization. We have webinars, special events, conferences, and seminars that are designed to help you grow your group. Get concrete tips that you can take home to use right away from veteran music parents who have been there, done that, and collected the tee shirts.

Support Music Education in America

This grassroots movement is designed to mobilize every parent of school aged students, along with grandparents and concerned citizens throughout country, to unite and, in concert with great teachers and the music industry, “turn up the volume and be heard” in order to produce meaningful results on both the local and national level.

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