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Purchasing New Uniforms: Our January 2014 Webinar

Ever wonder how to begin the process of purchasing new uniforms? Obviously this is a question that many schools have. In last spring’s National Report of Music Parents & Booster Organizations, nearly one third of the respondents said they raised money to purchase new uniforms.

We thought it would be good to look at the process, including everything from designing a new uniform to shopping for best pricing and the ordering process. Then we’ll answer questions about how long these garments should last and how best to care for them.

Ways to Buy a Band Uniform

Download Document Ways to Buy a Band Uniform(87 kB) 1. SCHOOL BID – This is by far the most popular way. Why is it good? ┬áIt presents an unbiased numerical approach to purchasing a uniform by people that do it for your school already. Why is it bad? 1) Those people procuring the uniforms might … Continue reading Ways to Buy a Band Uniform