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SmartMusic now Available to AMP Members at a 20% Discount

Focused Practice. Instant Feedback. Documented Progress. SmartMusic is the award winning software used by music educators around the world to enhance their programs and provides a way to dramatically improve their students’ skills. Student practice is focused because they receive immediate feedback while listening to their performance and seeing the correct and incorrect rhythms and … Continue reading SmartMusic now Available to AMP Members at a 20% Discount

My child’s teacher recommended SmartMusic: Now what?!?

Today’s guest post is by James Lund of MakeMusic Inc.

Don’t panic! This is a great step toward increasing your child’s engagement with music-making, interacting with great practice software, and guiding your child to efficient practice habits that are also fun. We’ve worked hard over the years to turn SmartMusic into a great addition to student learning, and have thrown in some really cool music, too – I’m guessing you’ll find the Harry Potter music pretty quickly. There’s not much to the process if your school is recommending SmartMusic, either.