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“We are rejuvenated and excited to move forward!”

Music parents challenged, energized at 3rd Annual National Music Parents Symposium By L. Scott McCormick “Thank you for a great weekend. I’m already putting many of the ideas I gained to work.” That was a common sentiment expressed by one of the more than 40 parents who attended the 3rd Annual National Music Parents Symposium … Continue reading “We are rejuvenated and excited to move forward!”

Preparing Our Children for the Creative Economy

By Marc C. Whitt A seismic-like shift is occurring within the world’s leading economies that should literally be music to the ears of music and arts educators, music parents, and school districts that value and support the arts. That global economic shift is called the Creative Economy and as music education advocates, I cannot think … Continue reading Preparing Our Children for the Creative Economy

Step Up for the Franklin Band (Press Release)

The Franklin Band in Tennessee launched a unique fundraiser in light of the great problem they have of a growing band and not enough uniforms. Read the following information provided to their circle of families and friends announcing their March on March Challenge. In AMP’s opinion, this is a great job of communications as well … Continue reading Step Up for the Franklin Band (Press Release)

Tips for Parents: Help your child succeed in learning an instrument

Today’s guest blog post is from Robert Grifa at MakeMusic Inc.

Learning how to play an instrument is an exciting time in a child’s life. It is a brand new experience and the possibilities of this endeavor are infinite. There are as many reasons why a student has an interest in starting as there are students! No matter the reason, one aspect is the same for all: They need the support of those around them to help them succeed. Parents surely want to help their sons and daughters be successful in everything they do, but the idea of helping their children learn an instrument can be a bit unsettling especially if they did not have music instruction themselves.

Grassroot or Grass STAIN: Is Passion Killing Your Booster Group?

DJ Corchin of The 13th Chair weighs in on the pitfalls of caring too much.

Oh, Passion. How I loathe you. You and I have been partners on so many occasions and I feel like you still don’t understand me. I’d like to say it’s me and not you, but no, it’s you. I appreciate all you’ve done for me in the past, really, but I’ve outgrown this relationship. I think it’s time we see others. I’m sure there’s someone out there for you. Just keep looking. Let’s still be friends, okay? (send)