God is My Drum Major


The inspired creation of the Bands of America organization and life of its founder, Cavalier Drummer, and Hall of Fame, Music Entrepreneur Larry McCormick.



Find a need and fill it! This should be the motto of anyone starting up any new business! Many millionaire entrepreneurs started their companies just that way. They looked to create something new, no one else had thought of, and could serve and contribute to humanity.

But a person must be “looking” in order to see those needs. The “visionary” person and entrepreneur see’s, and identifies the needs within their area of interest or passion. They also have a positive confident outlook, which allows them to think “they could do it”. And they should do it, because no one else will, or even sees it as a possibility.

So that’s the essence of this book which tells the story of one such entrepreneur, who listened to a whisper and leading from above, created several companies to serve young people in the world of music, marching bands, and drum and bugle corps. The most famous of which is the Bands of America organization, founded by Mr. McCormick in 1975 and has been inspiring young musicians for over 35 years. This is the story of the people, the history, and struggles to create and build these organizations. Hopefully it may serve as a model to anyone interested in a musical career.

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