Music Parent Booster Seminar at CSI – Presentations

Session 1 - Communicating and Understanding the Vision for the Program - Parent, Administrator and Director.
Richard Saucedo, Steve Hope, Scott McCormick

Communicating & Understanding the Vision of the Music Program - CSI - 2015

Session 2 - Rally the Troops - David Vandewalker

CSI2015 Rally the Troops

Session 3 - Panel Discussion - Telling the Story, Advocating for our Programs

Bonus Material from Dr. Jeremy Earnhart

Session 4 - Tuning up the Budget Process - Terry Motsenbocker and Lane Velayo

Tune up the Budget ProcessV1

Session 5 - Strategic Fundraising - Tim Dawson and Scott McCormick

MPBS CSI 15 Fundraising Session 5

Session 6A - Technology within Your Program - Marc Whitt and Matt Bonfield

CSI - Technology within Your Program

Session 6B - Organizing the Organization - David Vandewalker and Barry Morgan

Session 7A - Liability and Insurance, Protecting Our Groups - Barry Morgan


Session 7B - Conflict Resolution - Marc Whitt

7 Surefire Ways to Handle Conflict Within Your

Session 8 - Closing Session with Dr. Tim

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