In the Band Room

After that giant step of going into the band room for the first time, I decided to spend more time there to determine what values beyond pride in a job well done were being conveyed to these young people. Still not ready to commit to a volunteer position but, however, moving much closer, I commenced to assist other parents when they appeared to need a helping hand in moving equipment, passing out uniform parts, and filling water containers.

I observed some noteworthy instruction taking place. The students were being taught some important life skills in an almost subliminal approach. The director and his staff did not teach these skills directly but were able to impart the significance of their application to the success of the program.

What parent/parents would not petition help to instill the following attributes?

• The value of time

• The value of hard work

• The value of patience

• The value of kindness

• The value of responsibility

• The value of character

• The value of improvement

• The value of courtesy

• The value of remaining positive

• The value of accepting constructive criticism

• The value of positive example

• The value of a sense of humor

• The value of tolerance

• The value of listening

• The value of service

• The value of time management

• The value of group interaction

• The value of self discipline

• The value of taking initiative

• The value of setting goals

• The value of commitment

• The value of team work

• The value of interacting with peers

The list could be extended.

The point....Where else could a student have the prospect of developing diverse and admirable life skills which are transferable to future families and professions? As parents, my husband and I, were indebted to finding such an activity that would help dispatch essential ethics to our children. We began to welcome this third party influence.

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