IMEA Parent Conference 2017

Hello Conference Participant,

This page is a private page established for each of you who were a part of the event at IMEA in Ft. Wayne, January of 2017. Below, you will find links to the powerpoint presentations from each of the sessions as well as additional resources we referenced during the session.

Session 1 - Anatomy of a Highly Functioning Booster Organization - Scott McCormick

IMEA Parent Conf. 2017 - Session 1
FHS Band Booster Conflict of Interest Policy
FHS Band Booster Conflict of Interest Policy Acknowledgement
FHS Band Booster Whistle Blower Policy

Legal Risk, Would Your Booster Organization Be Protected?

Session 2 - Supporting the Vision of the Music Program - Scott McCormick

IMEA Parent Conf. 2017 - Session 2 Vision

Session 3- Strategic Fundraising - Tim Dawson

Strategic Fundraising IMEA Presentation Dawson

Session 4 - Rally the Troops - Recruiting and Retaining Parents

This session and the next are combined into one deck following Session 5 below.

Session 5 - Telling Your Story - Website, Social Media and Communication

IMEA Parent Conf 17 - Recruiting parents:Messaging session4:5

For those who might wish more information on Insurance for your program, you can learn more here:


2 thoughts on “IMEA Parent Conference 2017

  1. I enjoyed the conference and look forward to giving my report to all 4 or 5 people that show up at our next booster meeting. Scott and Tim did a nice job.

    The link to the Session 5 deck doesn’t seem to work.

    1. Thank you Greg,

      I just updated the link and tested. Looks like it is working now. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.


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