Cut Time: Manage – Organize – Connect – Promote

AMP partner J.W. Pepper has released CutTime a powerful tool that truly cuts the time it takes to manage your organization.

This web-based solution incorporates a program management and communication system with a public facing website to promote your group. In partnership with the Association of Music Parents, Pepper is offering a one-year subscription bundle of both CutTime for your music program and AMP Group Membership for your music booster organization.

MANAGE - People, Events, Financials
Manage the most important elements of your program – your people, calendar and funds - all in one place. Cut Time lets you pull it all together in an easy-to-use system designed to help you accomplish more in less time.

KEEP TRACK OF THE THINGS YOU NEED TO RUN YOUR PROGRAM - Music Library, Instrument Inventory, Uniforms and Equipment, and Documents and Media
Having all of your details in one place lets you, your staff, and your members access information when needed. Cut Time’s inventory areas keep everything you own organized and easy to find. We've "cut time" already by picking categories and classes to get you started, and if you already use a spreadsheet, you can upload your information to Cut Time with ease.

COMMUNICATE WITH EASE - Send News, Alerts, Email and Text Messages
Effective communication is key to running a successful organization. We know it's critical for you to keep people connected with happenings in your program. With the efficiency of Cut Time, posting news online and giving members access to their information is where you really can cut time in your day.

PROMOTE - Take Pride and showcase your organization with a professionally built website.
Our updated, professionally designed websites help you promote your program to your fans while keeping your members connected. Cut Time websites are mobile friendly, helping busy people find what they need, at home or on the go.

Who is CutTime for? CutTime can benefit not only music organizations, but any group looking to improve organization and communication.

Get started with a 30-day trial. This gives you immediate access to the full-feature version of CutTime. If you like what you see, you can purchase CutTime through the subscription menu in your dashboard. You may pay by credit card or bill your organization's J.W. Pepper account.

Purchase CutTime in the bundle pricing and receive your AMP Group Membership for just $25 more than the base one-year subscription. And if you purchase the bundle prior to June 30, 2016 your program will be entered to win a European Winter Weekend, including round trip air for two and three nights hotel in Paris, France. The trip then can used by our winner as a silent auction item or fundraiser for your program. AMP would like to thank our partners at Encore Tours for this incentive.

Visit CutTime for more information

Please note: in order to receive this special pricing for this bundle and your AMP Group Membership, you must order it on the CutTime website.

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