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The purpose of this tool kit is to give you the resources you need to be an effective, efficient music parent. In the following sections, you’ll find modules covering specific areas of interest from advocacy to communication and fundraising to music facts, along with links to key websites for additional information.
Look here to find answers to your organizations challenges. Why reinvent the wheel? Check out what other programs are utilizing around the country. Adapt it to your specific needs. Cut your planning time in half!
Quickly download easy to use:

Flyer Templates
Music Fact Sheets
Power Point Programs

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Ways to Buy a Band Uniform

Download Document Ways to Buy a Band Uniform(87 kB) 1. SCHOOL BID – This is by far the most popular way. Why is it good?  It presents an unbiased numerical approach to purchasing a uniform by people that do it for your school already. Why is it bad? 1) Those people procuring the uniforms might … Continue reading Ways to Buy a Band Uniform

This Travel: Take the Show on the Road

What you need to know before you plan your next trip By Mark Harting Download Document This Travel: Take the Show on the Road (195 kB) Having been a teacher and a student group travel consultant the last 25 years I have seen the positive affect of group travel on both the students and music programs. One … Continue reading This Travel: Take the Show on the Road