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A Time of Service: A Band Booster President Reflects on Being a Leader Parent

“As a music program booster, you are giving time and energy to something that not only benefits your child, but to those involved now and in years to come.”
An Interview with Outgoing Lafayette High School Band Booster President and AMP Member Beth Potter of Lexington, Kentucky

Staying Above the Fray – Leading By Example

Marc Time by Marc C. Whitt Ever been in charge of a meeting that began with smiles and good interaction, and somehow spiraled to become filled with fireworks and sometimes personal accusations or innuendos? While conflict and arguments begin mounting you think to yourself, “Help! How do I get us back on track?” If you’re … Continue reading Staying Above the Fray – Leading By Example

9 Ways You Can Use Science to Get More Volunteers

So often it feels like the same small core of people always does the heavy lifting for the organization. By putting some forethought into recruiting volunteers, and perhaps building some of these ideas into your yearly calendar, your organization will reap the benefits for months and years to come.

Run Run Run

It happened.  Every single school board member is a music parent complete with razor sharp talon-like opinions clawing at everyone who threatens their babies.  Every administrator is a former band, orchestra, or choir director that sits in their rotating leather chairs with a look of sweet satisfaction on their face while gently placing their fingertips … Continue reading Run Run Run