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Tips for Parents: Help your child succeed in learning an instrument

Today’s guest blog post is from Robert Grifa at MakeMusic Inc.

Learning how to play an instrument is an exciting time in a child’s life. It is a brand new experience and the possibilities of this endeavor are infinite. There are as many reasons why a student has an interest in starting as there are students! No matter the reason, one aspect is the same for all: They need the support of those around them to help them succeed. Parents surely want to help their sons and daughters be successful in everything they do, but the idea of helping their children learn an instrument can be a bit unsettling especially if they did not have music instruction themselves.

Are You Maximizing Your Fundraising Efforts?

AMP is pleased to welcome you to Retail Benefits… recurring, passive income! Unrivaled in its technology platform, with no start-up costs and minimal effort to implement, Retail Benefits enables your organization to offer to donors, parents, and school employees a new ancillary benefit and method of supporting your organization that’s highly appealing and easy to use.

Strategic Partnership with DCI Announced

I am pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with Drum Corps International (DCI)! The press release below was sent to the Indiana Media and music trade publications yesterday announcing two Indianapolis based companies including DCI and Paige’s Music as a new partners. We are thrilled with the traction with various organizations that is beginning to happen and look forward to more exciting announcements in the coming weeks and months. The DCI Strategic Partnership will allow AMP to have visibility at a number of Summer Tour stops and we look forward to meeting a number of parents and fans along the way.