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Planning for the Inevitable; Preventing Stage Fright by Doing This 1 Thing

by Donna Schwartz Don’t you hate when you think you’ve planned for every conceivable scenario, and Murphy is right there throwing you a curveball? You think you’ve accounted for everything. You have the address and directions, the room number, audition time, and the name of the contact person at the audition site. You’re all set, … Continue reading Planning for the Inevitable; Preventing Stage Fright by Doing This 1 Thing

Instructions, Please!

By Marc C. Whitt Ever try to quickly assemble your child’s Christmas toy when they were little without reading the instructions, or perhaps take on what first appeared to be a small do-it-yourself project without asking for help? Better yet –and I suppose this is for several of us husbands—not stopping to ask for directions … Continue reading Instructions, Please!

Broader Minded

Recently, a new campaign was launched by the National Association for Music Education called broader minded. The website offers a well-designed interface to help music education advocates like us make their cases to decision makers on every level.

9 Ways You Can Use Science to Get More Volunteers

So often it feels like the same small core of people always does the heavy lifting for the organization. By putting some forethought into recruiting volunteers, and perhaps building some of these ideas into your yearly calendar, your organization will reap the benefits for months and years to come.