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Instructions, Please!

By Marc C. Whitt Ever try to quickly assemble your child’s Christmas toy when they were little without reading the instructions, or perhaps take on what first appeared to be a small do-it-yourself project without asking for help? Better yet –and I suppose this is for several of us husbands—not stopping to ask for directions … Continue reading Instructions, Please!

Catch the Dream – Build the Band, Part 4

Borrowing inspiration from the film Field of Dreams, “Build It and they will come,” was the watchword, but patience was not one of our virtues and haste became the practice. The Superintendent of Williamson County Schools, Dr. Mike Looney, would often refer to Hillsboro School as a “diamond in the rough.” However, we had no … Continue reading Catch the Dream – Build the Band, Part 4

Step Up for the Franklin Band (Press Release)

The Franklin Band in Tennessee launched a unique fundraiser in light of the great problem they have of a growing band and not enough uniforms. Read the following information provided to their circle of families and friends announcing their March on March Challenge. In AMP’s opinion, this is a great job of communications as well … Continue reading Step Up for the Franklin Band (Press Release)

Strength in Numbers

By Marc C. Whitt How united is your school’s music parents? That perhaps might seem an odd question to ask. After all, aren’t nearly all music parent organizations united? A simple answer is both “yes” and “no.” As a music parent for nearly 15 years, it has been my observation that most booster organizations do … Continue reading Strength in Numbers

Staying Above the Fray – Leading By Example

Marc Time by Marc C. Whitt Ever been in charge of a meeting that began with smiles and good interaction, and somehow spiraled to become filled with fireworks and sometimes personal accusations or innuendos? While conflict and arguments begin mounting you think to yourself, “Help! How do I get us back on track?” If you’re … Continue reading Staying Above the Fray – Leading By Example