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Instructions, Please!

By Marc C. Whitt Ever try to quickly assemble your child’s Christmas toy when they were little without reading the instructions, or perhaps take on what first appeared to be a small do-it-yourself project without asking for help? Better yet –and I suppose this is for several of us husbands—not stopping to ask for directions … Continue reading Instructions, Please!

Preparing Our Children for the Creative Economy

By Marc C. Whitt A seismic-like shift is occurring within the world’s leading economies that should literally be music to the ears of music and arts educators, music parents, and school districts that value and support the arts. That global economic shift is called the Creative Economy and as music education advocates, I cannot think … Continue reading Preparing Our Children for the Creative Economy

Strength in Numbers

By Marc C. Whitt How united is your school’s music parents? That perhaps might seem an odd question to ask. After all, aren’t nearly all music parent organizations united? A simple answer is both “yes” and “no.” As a music parent for nearly 15 years, it has been my observation that most booster organizations do … Continue reading Strength in Numbers

Beginning a Healthy New Year – Music Parent Organization – Wise

A new year brings with much anticipation as we seek an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start anew. For many of us, a new year encourages us to aspire to be better than we were the previous 12 months whether we wish to eat healthier, lose weight, simplify our lives, or perhaps read more books.

A Reflection of Our Many Blessings

By Marc C. Whitt There’s no more special time of year than the Holiday Season. Family, friends, food, music –did I mention food?—all make for warm, lasting memories. Even the hustle and bustle we experience preparing for and attending those seasonal band, choir and orchestra concerts; Thanksgiving Day and Christmas parades; and madrigal feasts and … Continue reading A Reflection of Our Many Blessings