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Kathleen Heuer is a digital marketing consultant, content strategist, and arts education advocate. Originally from Chicagoland, she lives in western Pennsylvania, where she volunteers with local organizations like the Norwin Area Arts Council, the Norwin Band Aides, and at her children's schools. Her background is in advertising and marketing, especially for music and arts education, other nonprofits, and for small business. She is married to an engineer she met while she was in college marching band. Her two daughters sing, play piano, string bass, and saxophone.Together, her family plays a mean version of "Heart and Soul." You can check out her website at and follow her on Twitter at @KathleenHeuer.

Changing of the Guard

Though I’ve really enjoyed my time as AMP’s Social Media Manager, it’s with a heavy heart that I announce my departure from AMP for new ventures. I’ll still be active in music ed & arts advocacy and marketing (although really, isn’t advocacy and marketing one and the same?), and you can still follow my personal … Continue reading Changing of the Guard

A Tale of Two Counties: The Importance of A Strong Music Coalition

Welcome to the second in a four-part series by Dr. John Benham, a nationally renowned music educator who specializes in helping save music programs that have been targeted for devastating budget cuts. This week, he touches on the importance of building a strong music coalition.